500+ Flashcards for Toddlers

Early learning is a tendency of the 21st century. A lot of parents invest a huge amount of time and money into early learning classes for their 1-2-year olds and buy massive visual aids to teach children at home.

However, more often you needn’t spend excessive budget on early leaning books. You may try using self-made printable flashcards.

Both educators and doctors come to the conclusion that early learning with flashcards positive influence the children’s development. With flashcards, kids can learn a lot of information about the real world.
Flashcards show pictures of objects and sometimes even written words, so a toddler remembers the image and its name and then he or she can correlate it (of course, with parent’s help) with the real thing. Having learnt musical instruments at the age of 2, my daughter can still easily distinguish them.

There is a plenty of free tools which allow parents to make flashcards fast and easily. Flashcard.online is one of such web apps.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to use it to made printable flashcards.

Here is also a list of all possible flashcard sets already made with this app. You may easily borrow any of it and use in your lessons:

How to learn things with flashcards?

Prepare the cards so they have the following look:

flashcards in real

I also use scotch to laminate the paper cards.

Show 10-15 cards to your kid one by one, clearly pronouncing their names. Do this 3-5 times. In several hours, repeat those cards.

Then you may use the games with flashcards to check how your kid remembered the cards.

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