How much does it cost to rent a virtual server?

how much does it cost to rent a virtual server

Why may an ordinary person need a VPS server? Actually, there dozens of reasons.

A virtual server is almost the same as a regular computer, only virtual. In other words, this is a certain part of a regular server, divided with the help of special software into some small containers, each of which has its own small server, independent of the others, and to which only the owner of this server has access.

How do you like the idea to accumulate a bunch of sites on your server, have your own mail server, visit resources closed in your country, post photos on Instagram from different accounts, get your own phone server and connect to your desktop from any device and from anywhere? Sounds good, isn’t it? So keep on reading!

How to choose a good virtual server?

The choice of virtual dedicated server hosting is a serious matter. It is worth considering in advance how many server resources you need for uninterrupted and fast work with your projects. You also need to decide on the OS – Windows or Linux, calculate the rental costs and take into account that in the future you may need more capacity or moving to another server. Sometimes it’s not enough just to change the tariff – you need to reinstall the OS or order a new server and transfer all the data.

We accumulated a list of good hosting options below. Despite the cost, all companies offer full-fledged VPS / VDS servers, with the only difference being that the client is allocated a various amount of server hardware resources.

Option 1. Deltahost

The company Deltahost is popular because it offers server rental services to companies in Ukraine and some other European countries. The service also offers a range of services such as VPS hosting, FTP hosting, and domain registration.

virtual server pricong

Various Deltahost hosting packages offer high quality features at an affordable cost (prices start from $11/mo). To cut costs, we’d recommend subscribing to an annual plan, which is offered to users at a significant discount. One of the major drawbacks of this provider’s offerings is that you are expected to be able to evaluate their service within 48 hours and see if it is right for you.

Option 2. BlueHost

It is a popular American hosting provider serving over a million customers. BlueHost is one reputable and reliable company that offers quite powerful yet inexpensive web hosting packages starting at $19.99/mo.

There is some pattern in the pricing of American hosting: it is extremely unprofitable to pay for them monthly – such tariff plans often include large installation fees. At the moment, has removed the option to buy hosting for 1 month altogether.

Option 3. ISP Server

ISPserver is a Russian hosting that is gaining more and more popularity every year. Pleasant and user-friendly interface, low tariff rates, fast work – all this makes an excellent impression.

The company offers different options for dedicated servers. They can be rented in Russia or Germany. Prices are quite low (from $10/mo). You can choose the available option, or you can customize it with the necessary characteristics.

Option 4. Machost

Makhost is one of the old-timers of Russian hosting, working on the market for more than 15 years. Now the company serves about 60,000 customers. A powerful technical base, reliable data centers, a wide range of tariffs are the main arguments for choosing this particular provider.

The universal tariff “Constructor” allows you to select a list of the necessary options that will most closely match the tasks of the project. The prices start from $12/mo/

To sum it up…

Despite the variety of affordable virtual server solutions on the market, you must remember that the most costly part of hosting is the resources used. If your project doesn’t require much storage at the beginning, you must consider the first option: The company offers customizable packages at EU location. So it seems the best option with top performance at a decent price.


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