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The GRE test in mathematics is a standard test in the USA. It’s commonly taken to assess a person’s potential for graduate or post-graduate study in the field of mathematics.

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How to use flashcards to revise GRE Math terms?

Flashcards help memorize difficult terms in a an easy manner.

What you need to do?

  1. Prepare two-sided cards, a free printable is above. If you need additional cards, you may create them using out free flashcard maker.
  2. Read  cards on both sides and try to memorize the description.
  3. Now put the cards with the title on top.
  4. Take flashcards one by one  and tell what the term means.

Here are several examples of terms that you can find on flashcards.

  • hypotenuse – the side of a right triangle opposite
    the right angle;
  • pyramid – a polyhedron having a polygonal
    base and triangular sides;
  • perimeter – a line enclosing a plane area;
  • perpendicular – intersecting at or forming right
  • parallelogram – a quadrilateral whose opposite
    sides are parallel and equal;
  • scalene triangle – a triangle with no two sides of
    equal length;
  • sector – a plane figure bounded by two
    radii and the arc of a circle;
  • diameter – the length of a straight line
    through the center of a circle;
  • obtuse angle – an angle between 90 and 180
  • abscissa – the value of a coordinate on the
    horizontal axis;
  • ordinate – the value of a coordinate on the
    vertical axis;
  • chord – a straight line connecting two
    points on a curve;
  • counterclockwise – in a direction opposite to the
    direction in which the hands of a
    clock move;
  • fraction – the quotient of two rational

We hope that this set of GRE Math term flashcards will help you revise difficult notion of the world of Mathematics. For deeper preparation, please address specialized resources listed above.

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