32 Flashcards of Toys for Kids

toys for kids

Download 32 Flashcards of Toys for Kids

In the free printable PDF file you’ll find the following toys:

Teddy bear, Ball, Car, Truck,
Crayons, Doll, Plane, Building blocks,

Bicycle, Beach bucket, Sleigh, Robot,
Lego, Roller skaters, Doll’s house, Pram,

Slide, Kite, Sandbox, Rocking horse,
Yo-yo, Scooter, Tea set, Baloon,

Drum, Train, Spinning top, Swings,
Toy soldiers, Puzzle, Tunnel, Helicopter.

Use this flashcard set to learn toys in English with your toddlers and older children. Get flashcards game ideas here.

You may use this YouTube video to memorize toys faster:

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