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How to Describe a Person’s Appearance?

First of all, we speak about physical appearance and describe how a person looks like. Then we may describe his or her character (of course, if we have such information).

We offer you the step-by-step plan to describe appearance. Use the free printable flashcards above to illustrate your examples.

  1. age: young, middle-aged, old
  2. height: short, of medium height, tall
  3. built: slim, plum, skinny, well-built
  4. hair:
    a) blonde, fair, black, brown, red, grey
    b) long, short
    c) straight, curly, wavy
    d) bald
    e) pigtails, braids
  5. eyes: blue, green, hazel, black
  6. complexion: fair, dark
  7. nose: pointed, flat
  8. lips: thick, thin
  9. face: oval, round
  10. wearing: glasses, beard, moustache
  11. has: a mole, piercing
  12. is: beautiful, handsome, plain, ugly

This is maximum you can use. Surely, you may reduce your story up to 3-4 sentences.

Examples of Appearence Description

This is a young girl of medium height. She is slim. The girl has long straight blonde hair and brown eyes. She has an oval face and fair complexion. Her nose is rather flat and her lips are thick. The girl is beautiful.

This is a middle-aged man. He is tall and well-built. He has short fair hair and green eyes. His nose is pointed and lips are thin. He is handsome.

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  1. Great cards – just a couple of errors. Wrinkles – doesn’t have a ‘c’. And plump – you missed the ‘p’ at the end.

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