Vocabulary Flashcards: How to Make Vocab Cards Free & Easily?

Want to teach a foreign language with flashcards? Or you need to learn new words yourself? There is a great possibility to do this in an easy way, using a FREE vocab flashcard app. Follow the steps below to make vocabulary flashcards with pictures.

Step 1. Go to Free Vocab flashcard maker

Open Flashcard.Online editor following this link. The interface is clean and self-explanatory.

flashcard parameters

Step 2. Add pictures & words

Enter a title, select a template (only text or pic+text), and add your pictures and vocabulary you want to memorize.

Please note that the pictures should be vertical and not contain any special symbols in their names.

add content to flashcards

Step 3. Save your vocabulary flashcards as PDF

Once you’re ready, press the button “Save as PDF” and then “Download”. Easy as pie.

Where to get FREE & ready vocab flashcards?

If you don’t want to prepare vocabulary flashcards yourself, you can take ready sets from our website and use them as a study aid.

Visit our Best Flashcards section  and use the search bar on the left to find vocab cards on a certain topic.

For example, you may get such sets as:

hobbies flashcards

Save the printable PDF worksheet, it already has all the pictures and vocabulary. Print and cut the cards. Then you may use them to learn new words or play with kids.

We also recommend you the website busyteacher.org – there is also a great deal of ready printable cards on various vocabulary topics.

How to study new vocabulary with flashcards?

Here are some pieces of advice to study with vocab flashcards efficiently.

  1. Read your flashcards aloud. Visual + auditary information work better than only visual one.
  2. Repeat at least 3 times. Only thus your brain will create new neurolinguistic chains between the word and its visual presentation.
  3. Use gamification to learn better. Especially when you teach kids. Play flashcard games to memorize new vocabulary.
  4. Reward good learning. Once you remembered all needed cards, take a little rest or pamper yourself with something sweet.

All in all, learning vocabulary with flashcards is a modern and very interactive way of education & self-education. Try it if other ways don’t work or carry expected results. Good luck!

How to print flashcards

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How to Make Flashcards on Word or Google Docs

Our Flashcard.online is a magic app but it can’t do all the wonders you may want. For example, you can’t write a lot of text on our cards, it’s advisable to enter up to 45 characters on a text card. So in case you need more, you’d better explore other way of making flashcards.

The easiest one in to do the cards on Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Here in the article you will learn about these ways as well. Continue reading “How to Make Flashcards on Word or Google Docs”

Glenn Doman Method of Learning with Flashcards

Glenn Doman is a physical therapist and a pioneer in the field of child brain development. In 1955 he founded the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP), a non-profit organization providing teaching programs  to improve and accelerate the mental and physical development of normal as well as brain-damaged children.

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6 Free Flashcard Templates

A lot of people look for a universal flashcard template in search engines. Indeed, that’s very useful to have such a file in order to make flashcards fast. However, with Flashcard.Online editor, you needn’t worry about this anymore.

There are 6 ready flashcard templates available, which you can fill with your content asap. Let’s review these templates once again.

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