10 Benefits of Games for Teaching Kids

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning” said Diane Ackeman, American poet. We won’t take much time for introduction. Just have a look at the website https://interactive-software.pro/. Here you can find a lot of interactive wall games for kids which bring family entertainment to the new level.
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Vocabulary Flashcards: How to Make Vocab Cards Free & Easily?

Want to teach a foreign language with flashcards? Or you need to learn new words yourself? There is a great possibility to do this in an easy way, using a FREE vocab flashcard app. Follow the steps below to make vocabulary flashcards with pictures. Continue reading “Vocabulary Flashcards: How to Make Vocab Cards Free & Easily?”

How to print flashcards

There are dozens of ready flashcards on the Internet. While some of them are easy to open, edit and print, others don’t exist only on websites and can be saved or printed only if you do some magic with them. Let’s figure out how to print flashcards from various sources: Word, Google Docs, Quizlet, PDF file, etc. Continue reading “How to print flashcards”

How to Make Flashcards on Word or Google Docs

Our Flashcard.online is a magic app but it can’t do all the wonders you may want. For example, you can’t write a lot of text on our cards, it’s advisable to enter up to 45 characters on a text card. So in case you need more, you’d better explore other way of making flashcards.

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