How do you write a CV that stands out from hundreds of others?

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What should the ideal CV be like?

It is important that it stands out, appealing in its original appearance, but at the same time not too infantile or indecipherable. It’s great if you can complement them with your years of experience, enter your entire educational background and the four foreign languages you can use. Regardless of your CV, experience or lack thereof (if you are just entering the job market), it is worth making sure that your CV meets certain standards.

A professional CV is your calling card and your offer. Prepare it carefully and securely. Enriching it graphically and formatting it correctly will give you an advantage over other candidates for your position. Also, if the recruiter or employer can read your document easily and intuitively, you will increase your chances of being asked for an interview. Your details, experience, education or interests should be easy to find. Remember that employers and recruiters tend to be people who look through a lot of application documents, and you should do your best to make sure they can’t overlook yours.

Professionally prepared application documents are the key to success

A professional and representative CV is by far the best way to make a good first impression and be remembered by the recruiter. It is also our showcase and allows you to present yourself at your first contact with the company. How the recruiter perceives the resume determines our future fate and whether we will be invited for an interview and whether we will be able to introduce ourselves personally.

Choose the right graphic design – create an aesthetically pleasing and understandable resume

The first element of a resume is the graphic template. It’s visible at a glance and it’s worth taking advantage of this situation. Nowadays you definitely don’t want to create a CV on your own, e.g. in word processors. There are many resume writers USA on the internet where you can order a modern and trendy resume. Such masters have many templates created by professional graphic designers.

For a small price, we will also get advice or help in selecting information.

Presenting your data correctly in the document

The second very important element in making a professional CV is data. They must be absolutely correct, and we must not “bend” the laws. Such a situation will turn up very quickly, and we could be sued for instance for legal reasons, in addition to being dismissed. If we want to present ourselves properly, we have to put our data in an order from the most important to the least important. When our CV consists of just a few elements, it is worth increasing the font to avoid the impression of a blank page.

Complete sections: Education and Training

Education and Training are very important elements of our CVs. The first dilemma is which section to put first. Although there are different opinions on this, it is useful to include the most valuable section first. If we have more experience, it is worth adding it to Education and vice versa. Once the recruiter knows about our achievements, it will be much easier to accept some gaps in the second section.

Enter your skills

The third element in the hierarchy, right after experience and education, is skills. It is this section that gives us great opportunities to present ourselves and our strengths.

Fill in your chosen personal details

When you submit your personal details it is also wise to choose only the most important ones – those that are of interest to the employer and not confidential because our CV will pass through many hands.

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