40 Flashcards of English Verbs

Download the Flashcards of the Basic English Verbs here >>>

The file contain the most common English verbs we all use every time.

In the printable flashcards file you’ll find the following English verbs with colorful images describing them: 

awake, buy, carry, catch,
choose, cry, cut, dance,

draw, drink, eat, fall,
give, go, hear, help,

hug, leave, listen, love,
meet, open, play, read,

run, say, see, show,
sing, sit, sleep, smile,

stand, study, teach, think,
wait, win, work, write.

For your convenience, we sorted all the verbs by alphabet. However, it doesn’t mean that you should follow this order while learning.

Using our flashcard maker, you can make verb flashcards in any language. For example, create flashcard “rusça öğren” (learn Russian) in Turkish or “dormir” (sleep) in French. Please keep in mind that unfortunately our flashcard editor doesn’t support all special characters you may use in your flashcards. So if some ot them are not seen, please just open the PDF file in some editor (PDFPro.co is the best) and replace the question marks with the correct symbols.

Download the file, print it in colour, and cut the flashcards to use on your lessons. 

For example, when you learn these English verbs with kids, you can show them one by one several times. Then ask your students to show the action written on the cards. Of course, it is possible not for all verbs, but the majority of them may be easily expressed (e.g., swim, eat, smile, run). Repeat that process every time you learn English.

Good luck!

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  1. I like them all. I’m an ESL teacher and I’ve been wanting to get these materials for a very long, long time. Thank you guys.

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