Why do you need a VPS? Top reasons to rent VPS server

VPS server

Virtual Private Server is a technology for creating several isolated servers within one physical medium.

This convenient and affordable IT tool gives users a huge range of options. But the idea of ​​how a virtual server can be useful for a wide audience is still unclear.

Why is VDS needed in practice? There are many options – from creating your own mail server to posting on social networks under different accounts. In this article, we will look at examples of how the use of VPS can increase your work efficiency in various areas.

For websites

To understand whether a particular site needs to rent a VPS, you need to answer one simple question. How much does the success of your business depend on a stable presence on the Internet? If the dependence is high, it is better not to rely on the standard offers of providers, but take a full control of the placement on the network. When traffic reaches 10-15 thousand people per day, the transition to a virtual server becomes the next stage in the development of an Internet resource.

For development and testing

Designing, developing, testing and deploying software products usually requires the efforts of an entire team of specialists. Remote work with a version control system installed on a powerful virtual server has become a modern standard for a collaborative IT creativity.

For development, a huge number of software varieties can be needed – from a small driver to a giant information system. Installing them on programmers’ computers (with different hardware and OS) can be a real headache. It is much easier to use shared virtual resources of the desired configuration and capacity.

For remote desktops

Remote desktop (RDP/VNC) on VPS is a modern computer that is always at hand. If placed in a high-quality data center, it is not afraid of moving, technical wear and tear, power surges, loss of unsaved data and slow Internet. You can start full-fledged work anywhere in the world, from any device – laptop, tablet, smartphone.

The virtual capacities of the VDS server are enough to organize teamwork. By providing temporary access to RDP, you can get help from a third-party specialist, a colleague, or show your work to a customer.

For game servers

Modern games are characterized by increased demands on CPU resources and communication speed. Most game server owners cannot afford to buy expensive equipment, preferring to rent “virtual” analogues of physical servers at an affordable price.

A virtual server provides everything you need for game hosting: a stable Internet channel, fast hardware, high uptime and protection against DDoS attacks. You just need to correctly calculate the tariff plan of the virtual server for the system requirements of the game, as well as the expected number of visitors. With an increased load, you can quickly increase the resource of the game server by ordering additional resources through a request to technical support.

For mail servers

A virtual server can become an excellent tool for working with popular email clients (Outlook, The Bat, Thunderbird) for medium and large companies. A VPS-based mail server will provide full manageability and security of users’ personal data.

For IP telephony

“Cloud PBX” based on VPS will make life easier for those who need an inexpensive and reliable telephony management system. Integration of voice communication with Internet technologies and CRM provides affordable communication with anywhere in the world, service automation, as well as call analytics.

Unlike third-party “cloud” services, your own IP telephony server gives you more room to maneuver. It allows you to create any number of internal numbers and fully control the flow of information from company phones. If you buy Windows VPS server, connecting a new number will take only 5 minutes.

To store personal data

Storing personal archives with photos, music, videos and programs in the “cloud” has long become the norm for a mobile modern city dweller. Popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 have a lot of clear advantages: high fault tolerance and security, scalability and reliability.

But there are also significant limitations. The main one is the need to pay monthly for space on the “virtual disk”. It is worth stopping payments and in a few months from the personal archive there will be only what fits on the “island” of the free tariff. In addition, the owners of cloud services cannot guarantee the proper privacy of the information they host.

Where to rent virtual servers?

There are many options on the market both for buying and VPS rental. To find a reliable provider, please have a look at user reviews and consider the main goal of your VPS usage.

We recommend Deltahost to rent VPS server. This is a time tested provider with a variety of plans for multiple goals. Get the most of the trial period to make sure that VPS rental meets your expectations.

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