What should an event manager’s CV look like?

If you haven’t been actively looking for a job in the last couple of years, your knowledge of resume form, design, and content is no longer relevant.

Use the tips in this article to write a modern resume for the following entertainment and marketing positions: event planner resume, event manager, marketing event manager, marketing coordinator, trade show organizer.


A sales resume is created for a specific search purpose, matches the requirements of vacancies for similar positions and contains a specific set of keywords.

Search Target

Your search objective should be stated at the beginning of your resume. If you want to apply for a job with a different job title than your current position, change it to the position you are applying for.

List of positions for which you can use the examples in this article:

  • Early entry level positions: event department intern, coordinator, assistant event manager, assistant event manager, event management specialist.
  • First level positions: Event-manager, event marketer, event manager, project manager.
  • The second level positions: Event-director project manager.

Position profile

The position profile is a benchmark of an ideal candidate which contains a list of requirements to the knowledge, skills, qualifications of a candidate which are necessary for successful performance of his/her duties. A job profile is a brief version of a job profile which includes a list of mandatory requirements for the initial selection of candidates on a resume.


Organization and delivery of various events: planning and budget coordination, venue rental, ordering of equipment and promotional materials, coordination of logistics, event partners, performance analysis.


  • Maintain project database, reporting;
  • Participate in the development of event concepts;
  • Participate in the development of company projects;
  • Lead the client at all stages of the event organization;
  • Developing the idea of the event;
  • Prepare and defend client presentations;
  • Prepare cost estimates;
  • Work with contractors, search for new contractors;
  • Coordinate the work of all contractors;
  • Monitoring of payments to contractors;
  • Handling of technical and organisational matters.

Examples of achievements

The main points of attraction on a resume are accomplishments. Give specific examples of what you have done in your current/previous jobs. They should reflect the key KPIs of your work in relation to the objectives of the position for which you are currently applying. These can be both numerical and nonnumerical results.

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