12 Flashcard Games to Play with Kids

games with flashcards
Learning with flashcards is a fun if you know dozens of easy games to play with flashcards. They will help kids of all ages to learn new words and phrases in a relaxed atmosphere.
Have a look at our top activities you can do with free printable flashcards done with our Flashcard editor.

1. Give me please a…

Put 9-12 flashcards in a row and ask your child to give you one flashcard, using the phrase “Give me please a…” and then the name of what you need.

2. Is it a…?

Show one card and ask your child “Is it a …?” and then the right or wrong name of the item on the flashcard. If it’s correct, the child should say “Yes”. If it’s wrong, the child should answer “No, it’s a …” and the correct name of the item.

3. Show me please a …

Pick up 2 cards and ask your child to choose the right using the phrase “Show me please a …” and then the name of one item on the flashcards.

4. Overview

Your child should take 10-12 flashcards in hands and look them through quickly pronouncing the names of the pictured items. This method works great if your kid is just starting to learn to read.

5. What is it?

 Take a small sheet of paper and hide the word on the card. Then ask your child to name it with the question “What is it?”.

6. What is missing?

Put before the child 6-9 cards, pre saying aloud the name of each of them, then ask the kid to turn away and hide one of the cards. Then ask the question: «What is missing?» ( «What is missing?”), And your child has to guess what kind of card you have hidden. Then you can turn the tables.

7. Echo

There are two variations of this game. The first is that you show the card and say loud what is drawn on it, and your child should, as an echo, pronounce the name as quietly as possible. The second method is the opposite. You whisper the word on the card, and your child should repeat the title in a loud voice.

8. Which is odd?

Take 3-4 flashcards from one topic and one flashcard from another and ask your kid “Which is odd?”. The child should name the odd card and the reason why it is odd.

9. What color is it?

If your child already knows the colors, ask him or her what color is the item on a flashcard. The child can either just to name a color of the item or make phrase like “It’s a black cat”.

10. Words on a certain letter

Your child should already know the English alphabet to play this game. Put 6-9 flashcards in a row and ask your kid to find a card, the name of which begins with a specific letter.

11. Guess what it is

Pick up one flashcard and don’t show it. Your kid should ask questions in order to guess what card you took. The questions may be about the size, form, color, abilities, etc.

12. Grab it

This game may be played with one kid and several children. Stick flashcards of your chosen topic on the board. The kid should stay 7-10 metres away from this board so that he or she could run the way to it. Call out a word and the child should run to the board, grab the corresponding flashcard and repeat the word.

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