16 Shape Flashcards

shapes flashcards

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Learn geometric shapes with your children & toddlers.

You’ll find the following shape cards in this printable PDF file:

Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Square,
Oval / Ellipse, Right triangle, Heart, Diamond,

Star, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Crescent,
Pentagon, Arrow, Semicircle, Octagon.

All the cards have a colored picture of a shape and its name beneath. Some of the cards are basic, you can teach them to any small students. Others are the advanced shapes (e.g., Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Crescent). Tell about them only to those who already know all simple shapes.

Save the document, print the colored flashcards, and use them in the classroom or at home to memorize shapes with kids.

3 thoughts on “16 Shape Flashcards”

  1. The names for the square and rectangle are on the wrong shapes. The square is labelled ‘rectangle’ and vice versa.

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