How to make flashcards online?

how to make flashcards

In this article I’ll tell you in detail how to use editor to create your own flashcards.

Have a look at this video to see how the app works:

STEP 1. Prepare images

If you’re going to make flashcards without images, just go to the next step. If you’re planning to do cards with pictures, you have to do some preparation work.

Search for free images in Google or download royalty-free stock photos and clipart images from under Creative Commons (CC0) license at websites like,,,

Ideally, the image size for 2 cards per list is 300*400 px, for 4 per list – 250*300 px, for 8 flashcards per list – 180*220 px. Still if you don’t stick to these sizes, it’s OK that an image is just vertical. I use IrfanView Editor for fast photo cutting and rotation.

prepare images for flashcards

STEP 2. Set flashcard parameters

Go to editor and set the following parameters:

  • title of your flashcard set
  • number of cards per list (2, 4, or 8)
  • type of flashcards (only text or image+text).

flashcard parameters

STEP 3. Add your content

Upload your images and add text to the flashcards. If necessary, add and remove new lists to your set.

add content to flashcards

You can create up to 5 lists in a single flashcard set.

Step 4. Save the PDF file

Once you have added everyhting, click “Save as PDF”, then “Free Download” to get the file. If you work in Chrome browser, the PDF file will be opened in a new tab. Use right-button menu to save the file to your computer. Enjoy learning with flashcards!

2 thoughts on “How to make flashcards online?”

  1. Hello,

    thanks for your wonderful editor, I has tried many times, but the upload speed is quite slow, is there an app that can be made offline instead online? I used to make 2-page flashcard which took me nearly a whole morning…

    Thanks for your reply.


    1. Hi, there is only the online app. I guess the matter is in the images, they might have too big resolution, that’s why uploading is so slow. try pics up to 300 px width.

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