16 Question Words Flashcards

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Question words is a tricky topic for kids. To learn it right, use our colorful flashcards with question words.

Download the PDF file and find there the cards of the following question words:

Who…?  means a person who does the action. E.g., Who is the winner?
When…? refers to the time when the action happened. E.g., When was he born?
What…? means the object of the action or inanimate subject. E.g., What makes you happy? What did they do after the restaurant?
Where…? refers to the place or destination of the action. E.g., Where are you going? 

How…? means the way the action happens. E.g., How is he doing that?
Why…? refers to the reason. E.g., Why do you cry, Willy?
Which…?  means an alternative, choice. E.g., Which pill do you choose?
What time…? refers to the exact time of the action. E.g., What time do you get up?

How old…? means the age. E.g., How old are you?
How often…? means the frequency. E.g., How often do you have your English classes?
How long…? refers to the duration. E.g., How long does it take to go to the station?
Whose…? means the belonging to a person. E.g., Whose hat is that?

How many…? refers to the quantity of countable objects. E.g., How many eggs are there?
How much…? refers to the quantity of uncountable objects. E.g., How much does it cost?
How far…?  means the distance. E.g., How far is the railway station?
How fast…? refers to the speed. E.g., How fast is the 5G network?

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