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Container words or quantifiers are often used with uncountable nouns. One group of quantifiers is common with food and items
found at home: the names of the containers in which the
items are sold.

In the downloadable PDF worksheet you will find the following container words with examples:

  • a bag of sugar;
  • a bar of soap;
  • a basket of fruits;
  • a blister pack of pills;
  • a bottle of wine;
  • a bowl of cereal;
  • a box of chocolates;
  • a bunch of bananas;
  • a can of coke;
  • a cup of tea;
  • a dozen of eggs;
  • a glass of juice;
  • a jar of jam;
  • a jug of water;
  • a kilo of meat;
  • a loaf of bread;
  • a carton of milk;
  • a mug of hot chocolate;
  • a pack of juice;
  • a packet of noodles;
  • a pad of paper;
  • a piece of cake;
  • a roll of paper;
  • a slice of pizza;
  • a spray can of paint;
  • a stick of butter;
  • a tin of sardines;
  • a tray of vegetables;
  • a tub of ice cream;
  • a tube of toothpaste.

Download the worksheet, print the cards and use them to learn containers and quantities in English. This methodics is ideal for ESL students and kids.

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