How to improve French with flashcards?

french flashcards

Are you learning French as a second language?

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Today we’d like to present you one more way of improving your language skills. This is learning new words with flashcards.

A flashcard is normally a piece of paper with one info on one side or both. For example, French word on one side and English translation on another.

Once you got an essay, please read it attentively and write out all new words from it. Or you may come across the new words while doing exercises, watching videos, etc.

Look up those words and create a set of flashcards on one and the same topic. You may use our free flashcard editor here. You write a French word you’d like to memorize on one side of the flashcard and its English translation on the other side of the flashcard.

Tips for creating French flashcards

  • Please note that French nouns should always have articles! Unlike English words, French ones belong to a certain gender and it’s better to memorize them together.
  • Some students like to color their flashcards: green for verbs, pink for nouns, yellow for adjectives…
  • Add your hand-written drawings to build a strong figurative association with new words.

Tips to memorize French words

Then you need to choose a way of memorizing those cards. There are several methods:

  1. You may pin the cards wherever in your room, and each time you come across a card, you have to read it loud and invent a sentence with this new word. The flashcard’s aim is to trigger your memory.
  2. Alternatively, you can put all your cards in a hat and then pull then one by one and name the word in French.
  3. Combine 2-3 new words into a sentence. Try to make up a sentence with as many flashcards you learn as possible.

Indeed, there are dozens of ways you may use flashcards in your education process. Just switch on your imagination! Don’t forget that once you have a good chance to spend time on learning rather than doing nothing or hanging in social media, please create a new set of flashcards. They’ll be a huge help in putting new words into your mind. Good luck in learning French!

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