46 English Phonetic Symbols with Examples

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The PDF file contains 40+ sounds of the English transcription with examples. Save and print the flashcards to learn all phonetic symbols.


[p], [b], [t], [d], [k], [g], [tʃ], [dʒ],
[f], [v], [θ], [ð], [s], [z], [ʃ], [ʒ],
[h], [m], [n], [ŋ], [l], [r], [j], [w].

], [e], [æ], [ɒ], [ʌ], [ʊ], [iː], [eɪ],
[aɪ], [ɔɪ], [uː], [əʊ], [aʊ], [ɪə], [eə] [ɑː],
[ɔː], [ʊə], [ɜː], [ə], [i], [u].

[ˈ] (stress mark)

26 Flashcards of Alphabet (The ABC)

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All 26 letters of the English alphabet go with a colorful image, so it’ll be a real fun to learn the ABC with your kids.

Download the PDF file (if it open in the browser, just use the right mouse button menu and “Save as” option). Then print the flashcards in color and start learning. Discover 12 easy games with flashcards to play with your toddler while mastering the ABC.

32 Flashcards of Furniture

Download Flashcards of Furniture here

In this PDF file you’ll find the following furniture items:

Chair, Table, Sofa, Bed,
Wardrobe, Armchair, Bookcase, Desk,

Cooker, Fridge, Microwave oven, Curtains,
Coffee table, Sink, TV set, Plant,

Pictures, Lamp, Window, Bath,
Dishwasher, Carpet, Cupboard, Toilet,

Mirror, Chest of drawers, Bedside table, Cushions,
TV stand, Shelves, Wash basin, Chandelier.

Save the file, print and cut the cards.

40 Flashcards of Wild Animals

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In PDF file you’ll find the following cards:

Giraffe, Tiger, Kangaroo, Parrot,
Lion, Hedgehog, Snake, Elephant,

Crocodile, Bird, Deer, Bear,
Lynx, Hamster, Hippo, Horse,

Dolphin, Leopard, Monkey, Squirrel,
Mouse, Hare, Snail, Wolf,

Boar, Cheetah, Shark, Panda,
Swan, Penguin, Camel, Zebra,
Rhino, Fox, Whale, Lizard,
Turtle, Seal, Beaver, Racoon.

24 Flashcards of Fruits and Berries

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Save, print and cut the cards which contain the following items:

Apple, Pear, Plum, Orange,
Cherry, Banana, Peach, Grapes,

Coconut, Watermelon, Strawberry, White current,
Blackberry, Kiwi, Tangerine, Melon,

Raspberry, Pomegranate, Mango, Pineapple,
Black current, Grapefruit, Avocado, Cranberry.