Renting a Dedicated Server in 2023: All you Need to Know

rent a dedicated server

Before choosing a server for a company, you need to find out its features, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s review all the neededparameters of the top solutions on the market this year.

What we considered when choosing hosting and a server
When compiling the rating, we thought about:

  • availability of CDN for those who need unlimited network traffic or attracting it from foreign countries;
  • the same software for hosting and server at low cost;
  • IP addresses. Some providers have IPv6. Therefore, it is better to choose those companies that offer server rentals, where it is possible to purchase one IPv6 address;
  • the presence of an advanced control panel such as PLESK or Cpanel.

You also need to set a budget. How much you or your company can spend on a virtual server. For example, while the traffic of the site, application or game is low, you can buy a small piece of the server so as not to waste money. When traffic increases, and you will notice this when the server load is at its maximum, the responses of your site will be delayed by seconds, you need to upgrade the hardware configuration.

Then you need to study the reviews about the selected virtual device. Every company has negative and positive reviews. Therefore, if you see only positive reviews, then this is a reason to be wary. Perhaps, the negative reviews are deliberately erased by the administration. This means that the server may have problems with the organization of the workplace for the client, functionality, and performance.

  1. Deltahost

You may dedicated server in USA here:

The main advantages of the solution are:

  • high traffic and high performance;
  • contracted disk space and network connection speed;
  • control over the system, software and the number of people who have access to the device;
  • standard or advanced support and administration;
    increased level of protection;
  • uninterrupted site content with little daily traffic.

2. Timeweb

The provider guarantees:

  • NVME drives;
  • administration on expensive tariffs for free;
  • presence of own control panel;
  • base bandwidth – 200 Mbps;
  • fault tolerance up to 99%;
  • 24/7 support;
  • ability to change the server configuration at any time;
  • servers in Europe and Russia, Kazakhstan.

3. Fozzy

One more provider of dedicated servers that offers users:

  • servers in Europe, Singapore an d the USA;
  • daily backup;
  • virtualization KVM or HyperVisor.

Features of choosing virtual servers

When determining the best server, we looked at:

  • the ability to quickly achieve our goals;
  • rent price.

For example, VPS servers are simple and cheap virtual appliances. In a month you will spend a little more than a couple of dollars for rent. A virtual device is suitable for testing some applications, conducting master classes in server science.

VPS servers use software virtualization of the environment. Today it is OpenVZ. Users can scale the guest system without migrating or reinstalling the virtual machine.

Some users use overselling. Resell servers to a large number of customers. It turns out that during peak hours, when all clients need server power, crashes begin, programs freeze, sites stop working.

Some internal parts of the OS are not modifiable. Linux is the most commonly used operating system. Since the guest system should be the same for everyone.

Among the shortcomings of virtual machines of this type, the availability of guest system information for any server system administrator is noted.

Placed on such virtual machines: mobile applications, games, sites with premises from 3,000 people a day, they organize a VPN gateway.

VDS servers are devices with a complex architecture. They are controlled by a program called a hypervisor. The guest system can be any operating system. The administrator can assemble the operating system with his own modifications. He can add cores to the server, increase the RAM. The VDS administrator has access to all the features and functionality of the device.

The base system administrator does not have access to user information containers. Overselling is not possible here. However, along with its absence, the administrator cannot dynamically change the allocated resources. Therefore, in some cases, the possibility of overselling justifies itself. Moreover, administrators will not always resell the capabilities of a virtual device to their own detriment.

The choice of one or another virtual server depends on many factors. But today it is definitely better to pay attention to cloud storage, VDS or VPS servers than to build your own physical supercomputer. Moreover, monthly high-quality maintenance of such a server by an experienced system administrator can also be expensive.

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