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The modal verb CAN is widely used in English. It is used to express ability or opportunity, to request or offer permission, and to show possibility or impossibility.

Can is the same for all subjects. We don’t add an ‘S’ in the third person (like other verbs). The verb that comes after Can is in the infinitive without to.


  • can ride a bike. ability
  • We can stay with my friend when we are in London. opportunity
  • She can stay out before 10 PM. permission
  • Can you give me the salt please? request
  • Any child can grow up to be president. possibility

The negative of “I can” is “I cannot / can’t”:

  • cannot play the piano.
  • We can’t go to the cinema tonight.
  • She cannot speak French very well.

To ask a question with Can, we just need to to put it on the first place, no other auxiliary verb is required:

  • Can you swim?
  • Can we have a rest tonight?

To learn the grammar specs and the usage of the verb Can with ESL students or kids, you may use the flashcards above. They contain the following questions strating with “Can you…?”:

  • Can you swim?
  • Can you play basketball?
  • Can you ride a bike?
  • Can you play the guitar?
  • Can you bake a cake?
  • Can you ride a horse?
  • Can you play football?
  • Can you speak French?
  • Can you whistle?
  • Can you knit?
  • Can you paint?
  • Can you use a computer?
  • Can you write?
  • Can you fish?
  • Can you dive?
  • Can you sing?
  • Can you ski?
  • Can you play tennis?
  • Can you skate?

Download, print and cut the cards. Then ask your student to take one and reply that question.

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