Why we need a VPS (virtual private server) in education and how to find a good one?

virtual private server

Today being a tech-savvy person is a must for teachers. Amid the pandemic that has forced everyone to go online, 84% of teachers are using computers more often than they did before.

In education, as well as in business, the usage of technologies provides a powerful competitive advantage. A teacher who goes beyond the chalkboard and homework from the textbook will have more interesting and effective lessons than his conservative colleagues.

Having a lot of multimedia data, teachers and students may use a virtual private server to keep it all safe and speedily access it at lessons.

VPS servers, what are they?

A virtual private server is almost the same as a regular computer, only virtual. In other words, this is a certain part of an ordinary server, divided with the help of special software into some small containers, each of them having its own small server, independent of the others, and to which only the owner of this server has access.

The notion of VPS comes from website building. Especially huge websites need a private server to be hosted. In case of exceeding the limits on processor loads, traffic, or memory size, the website does not turn off, but only starts to work slower. You will have time to spot the overload problem, find the cause, and fix it.

How VPS are useful for education?

teachers using VPS / VDS servers

Educators should try using VPS’s for several reasons.

Reason 1. As a virtual workplace

If you move the work of all programs to the “cloud”, you will make working tools more fault-tolerant and stable, and often time-consuming  tasks will be performed faster. In addition, all working materials can be accessed from any device that has access to the Internet – now it doesn’t really matter if your working computer breaks down or is left somewhere far away.

The VPS can host heavy programs for working with 2D and 3D graphics, software development, and indeed any programs for which a high degree of protection and fault tolerance is important.

Reason 2. As a safe data storage

VPS is good for storing valuable personal data, media files and backups. Just imagine: you have tons of multimedia files that you plan to use at your lessons. A VPS can store as much data as you wish and keep it all secure. The access to files is instant, no need to wait for loading and buffering. Note that it is also convenient to use the server from a smartphone.

Reason 3. For massive mailing 

A virtual dedicated server can be an excellent tool for working with well-known email clients (Outlook, The Bat, Thunderbird). The VDS-based mail server will provide full controllability and safety of users’ personal data, especially when your email database consists of thousands of students.

Reason 4. As a one-stop IT platform

A rented VPS may serve as a reliable one-stop solution for holding all IT processes at school, college or university. Students can do there: development process, code creation, software and apps testing, corporate website hosting, etc.

How to rent a good virtual private server?

There are a lot of options for VPS rental at low cost. Here are some criteria to consider while choosing a VPS to rent.

  • Amount of data that you have to store – this is the minimum that you have to order.
  • Bandwidth – it is important that the speed of data access is stable and high.
  • IP Addresses – not all ISPs have VPS with IPv6, so if you have a good reason for doing this, review the configuration carefully.
  • The “physical” server itself, where your virtual machines will run – a good provider does not hide them and you will not get some outdated hardware that crashes at the first opportunity.
  • VPS controls are the most important thing – this gives you root access and you can perform any actions with the server.
  • Technical support – find out how it’s organized: 24/7, basic, paid priority, by calls or by time, etc.

The choice of a VPS depends on your needs. However, the decisive criterion is still the price. Having the same technical parameters, educators will choose a cheaper VPS rental solution.

The best VPS/VDS solutions for educators & not only…

The proverb “To guess is cheap, to guess wrong is expensive” works like never when choosing technical solutions. If you decide on something very inexpensive, then you should understand that your project will be limited in capacity and will require additional expenses when scaling.

In fact, there exist a solution that can offer a high quality VPS resources starting from only $6 per month.

It’s VPS / VDS servers – rent virtual server hosting by Deltahost.

The following are the standard features included in their server rental services:

  • Windows and Linux OS (Linux is cheaper);
  • cPanel and Vesta control panels (instant setup, even not tech-savvy person will do that fast);
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (indispensable for safe data storare and transfer);
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee (in case of 0.01% they will respond within 15 minutes).

Deltahost servers are placed in highly secured data centers situated in the US,  Ukraine, the Netherlands. The servers use hardware and software solutions from industry leading companies such as Intel, HP, and Cisco.

To sum it up, Deltahost provides really amazing services, and you can use different types of VPS rental as per your educational requirements.


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