What key skills should I put on my CV?

There are a number of professional and technical skills that have a generalized form.

They can be used in almost any resume. One way or another, but these characteristics will be useful, especially when the key skills are less than the required standard.

Professional and technical skills

Knowledge of foreign language. This skill is indicated by translators. However, the ability to understand and communicate with foreigners is also suitable for lawyers or sales managers of international companies.

Ability to budget. This characteristic can be specified by purchasing managers or economists.

Inventory management skills. This characteristic can be written in the resume by the applicant for the position of supply manager or office manager.

Ability to develop commercial proposals for clients. This characteristic mainly applies to account managers and heads of sales departments.

Negotiation experience. Skills appropriate for the leadership position.

Direct sales experience. Most often, this phrase is used by applicants for the position of sales assistant and sales representative.

The skill of persuasion. This professional trait is suitable for a person who is looking for himself in sales.

Ability to work with primary data. This characteristic corresponds to copywriters, office managers or designers.

However, this list is far from complete. There are many skills that correspond to different vacancies:

  • knowledge of a programming language;
  • experience of business communication in oral and written forms;
  • knowledge of the rules for compiling client databases;
  • the ability to quickly find the required information;
  • experience in reporting;
  • Experience in quickly searching for information on competitors.

Of course, such key skills are not suitable for a courier. It is preferable for potential employees of the delivery department to indicate in their resume the ability to navigate the terrain, the ability to lay the best routes, experience with cash registers and knowledge of etiquette. However, there are specialties where generalized skills are inappropriate. For example, an electrician. He must have special knowledge corresponding to such a serious position. There are, of course, exceptions, but only in the case when the position of an electrician implies a wider range of work.

But in no case should professional characteristics be confused with personal qualities, no matter how good they may be. This nuance is also important, because a potential leader, seeing even a slight discrepancy between sections, can throw the resume aside. Therefore, in order not to risk being unnoticed, you should use the resume writing service https://resumegets.com/. Here, in the shortest possible time, a professional resume will be compiled just for you!

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