40 Flashcards of Plurals of Nouns

Download Flashcards with Plural Nouns here

Save the PDF file and find here the examples of plural nouns formation.

Here are the rules:

1. Add -s to regular plurals. Adding an s is all you need to form a regular plural: bag – bags.

2. Add -es to words ending in -ch, -s, -sh, -x, -z: box – boxes.

3. If the noun ends with ‑f or ‑fe, the f is often changed to ‑ve before adding the -s to form the plural version: wolf – wolves.

Some nouns don’t changes -f into -ve: roof – roofs.

4. Change -y to -ies or -s: lady – ladies. But: boy – boys.

5. Add -es to words ending in -o: tomato – tomatoes. For foreign words this doesn’t work: photo – photos.

6. Remember irregular plurals:
woman – women,
man – men,
child – children,
person – people,
tooth – teeth,
foot – feet,
mouse – mice,
ox – oxen.

7. There’s no change between plural and singular:

sheep – sheep,
aircraft – aircraft,
fish – fish (fishes is used when talking about different types of fish).

8. These nouns have only singular form: money, hair, love, etc.

These nouns have only plural form: scissors, trousers, shorts, etc.

Use this flashcard set to memorize and practice the above rules.

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  1. Thank you so much. But next time would you kindly put all the words in lower case?
    If a child prints Luggage on a spelling test it would be wrong, because of the capital L.
    After 42 years I have learned a lot in education.

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