40 Phrasal Verbs Flashcards

Download Phrasal Verbs flashcards here

In the printable PDF file you will find the following pharal verbs:

Be off, Break up, Carry out, Check in,
Clean up, Come in, Come up with, Die out,

Eat out, Fall down, Fill in, Get in,
Get off, Get out, Get through, Get up,

Give up, Grow up, Hold on, Let out,
Look after, Look for, Look up, Make up,

Move in, Pick up, Put off, Put on
Run away, Run out of, Set up, Switch on,

Take down, Take out, Take after, Try on,
Turn over, Wake up, Watch out, Write down.

Download the file, print in in color and use the flashcards to learn the most common English phrasal verbs with kids and ESL students.

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