46 English Phonetic Symbols with Examples

phonetic symbols

Download all English Phonetic symbols here

The PDF file contains 40+ sounds of the English transcription with examples. Save and print the flashcards to learn all phonetic symbols.


[p], [b], [t], [d], [k], [g], [tʃ], [dʒ],
[f], [v], [θ], [ð], [s], [z], [ʃ], [ʒ],
[h], [m], [n], [ŋ], [l], [r], [j], [w].

], [e], [æ], [ɒ], [ʌ], [ʊ], [iː], [eɪ],
[aɪ], [ɔɪ], [uː], [əʊ], [aʊ], [ɪə], [eə] [ɑː],
[ɔː], [ʊə], [ɜː], [ə], [i], [u].

[ˈ] (stress mark)

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