40 Flashcards of Tableware, Kitchen Equipment

Download Tableware and Kitchen Utensils here

The PDF file contains such items as:

Plate, Bowl, Mug, Pan,
Spoon, Glass, Fork, Pot,

Knife, Cup, Saucer, Breadbasket,
Baking sheet, Salt shaker, Lid, Scissors,

Jar, Ladle, Wine glass, Jug,
Scoop, Pepper pot, Bottle, Tray,

Thermos, Can opener, Grater, Cutting board,
Teapot, Sugar bowl, Rolling pin, Beaker,

Mixer, Microwave oven, Cooker, Meat grinder,
Toaster, Kitchen scales, Kettle, Fridge.

Download the printable flashcards, prepare them and use in your ESL classes or to teach kids.

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