How to Play Powerful Games on a Weak PC? VPS (virtual private server) is the key…

gaming on VPS

In recent years, the so-called cloud gaming has gained an unprecedented popularity. It is called the future of the gaming industry. What it exactly is, where it came from and what cloud gaming services are considered the best today – you will learn about all this from this article.

Cloud gaming is a technology that allows you to play any modern games with high system requirements, even on the weakest PCs. At the same time, the games are launched at maximum settings and go without any problems. They don’t even need to be installed on your computer. The only requirement is a high-speed Internet connection and a good virtual private server.

How does it work?

Cloud gaming is actually almost two decades old. For the first time this technology was shown back in 2000: you could play from mobile devices using the computing power of a remote server using communication via Wi-Fi. But then the Internet was not as advanced and ubiquitous as it is today. Therefore, the technology was frozen for many years.

Today, on the Internet, you can find dozens of similar services that offer access to the most technologically advanced games under certain conditions. Or you may even implement the same thing yourself.

The essence of work is as follows – users install a game that runs on the cloud (a remote private server, which is a very powerful supercomputer). Based on streaming media, they receive continuous images of gameplay and all other actions on their screen. That is, all image processing takes place remotely, and its demonstration and control by the player is carried out at a local place with the direct participation of the gamer.

This approach avoids the financial hardships familiar to so many players who cannot afford to spend several thousand dollars to purchase a powerful gaming PC and try out all the high-tech innovations.

How to rent a good virtual private server for gaming?

The VPS hosting market is full of various offers that sometimes dazzle in the eyes. Some shout about benefits, others about discounts expiring in 3 hours, others crush with reputation and many years of experience. It is quite obvious that with such an abundance of options, it is difficult to focus on the clear parameters and criteria that are actually important to rent a good VPS: price, OS, server location, positive reviews, distributed network, communication speed on servers, etc.

rent a good vps

While new cloud services appear almost every month, the long-term players still feel pretty good. You may rent a virtual server at Deltahost, for example.

The servers are situated in Ukraine, the Netherlands, and the USA. Prices start from $7 per month. So renting a VPS is far cheaper than buying a powerful PC to play all desired games. The company provides 24×7 support with 5-15 minute responses. Located in secure data centers, Deltahost servers provide maximum protection of your data. Due to scalability, you can rent a server for gaming of the size that you really need and then upgrade if necessary.

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