How to create Spanish flashcards

spanish flashcards

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. If you want to start learning Spanish, flashcards is a good means to memorize Spanish words and grammar forms. Follow the tutorial below to learn how do make Spanish flashcards free & online.

Step 1. Define a topic

Each time you want to start making a new flashcard set in Spanish, you should decide on what topic the cards will be. It’s advisable to make to create flashcards united by one topic in a set. It may be numbers, food, furniture, etc.

Step 2. Prepare content

Decide whether you need text or text+image flashcards. editor lets create from 2 to 40 cards in one PDF set. So you need to prepare either 2-40 words or 2-40 words and pictures.

Here are several recomendations to images:

  • they should be vertical like these:

image for flashcards

  • the minimum resolution is 180*120;
  • it’s better to use images on a white background;
  • you may use Google search or free stock image websites like Dreamstime or Pixabay to borrow images.

If the image isn’t vertical, use image editor like Paint to make right proportions.

Step 3. Add you content to flashcard editor

Go to editor and complete the following fields: title, number of cards per list (2, 4, or 8) and flashcard type (text or pic+text). Click ‘Next step’.

flashcard parameters

Upload your images and add text. If you need one more list click ‘Add another list’. You may add up to 4 lists more.

spanish flashcards

Step 4. Save the set as PDF

Once everything is ready, click ‘Save as PDF’ and download the ready flashcard set.

You may create the unlimited number of flashcards with our free editing app. Feel free to publish them online and use in your studies. Good luck!

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