How do you put together a winning combination of skills?

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The core of a selling CV are the right keywords for the hiring party.

The keywords on a CV are the key competencies needed to succeed in a particular position in a particular profession and industry. However, more often than not, it is the choice of skills for a CV that causes resistance among new job seekers.

In this article, we’ll break down the major mistakes that job seekers make in their resumes. We’ll also explain what constitutes “core competencies” and give a formula for creating an effective set of skills for a CV.

There is no key competencies section on your resume

This is a mandatory section on a CV, ranking second in importance after the Profile/ About Me section. Key competencies are broken down into a number of blocks on a resume. Blocks might be called: Key skills, Strengths, Areas of expertise, Core expertise, Functional expertise, Hard skills, Flexible skills, Technical skills.

The Key Competences section contains information about the ability to learn or the willingness to develop

Why should you not add information about the desire for self-development and learning to your CV? Firstly, such a skill is not in the top 5 criteria for selecting candidates on a CV. Secondly, employers are not looking for employees to develop and train for the money of the company, but for them to work and bring results. And thirdly, the ability and willingness of the candidate to self-development and training can be assessed by the content of the section “Additional training. So there is no point in wasting space on this on your CV.

The Key Competencies section lists the cliché skills

Cliché skills are on every second CV, so there is nothing but a chuckle or annoyance about them. If you want to add flexible skills, choose only those that will help with tasks in your profession.

The core competencies section contains information on basic computer or digital skills

Today nobody would be surprised if you know computers and MS Office programmes as a user, on the contrary, it will probably lead to perplexity – “Why should I put it in my CV anyway? Therefore, if you are not an advanced user of any software, you should not add these skills to your CV.

The “core competencies” section includes all the skills you have acquired throughout your employment or studies

This is the most common mistake on a resume. It is made due to ignorance of methods of initial selection of candidates on resumes. In addition, it is very difficult to put together a winning combination of skills that are part of the prerequisites for a particular position.

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The key competences section of your CV describes the candidate’s professional abilities and knowledge. Consequently, it should definitely list those skills that play the most important role in the candidate’s job and enable him or her to successfully perform the functions of the position.

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