40 Health Flashcards

health flashcards

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Health and illnesses vocabulary can be easily trained with the help of flashcards. Download the printable PDF file above and you will learn the following items from this topic:

Ambulance, Doctor, Backache, First aid kit,
Cough, Broken leg, Fever, Headache,

Asthma, Bleeding, Cold, Bruise,
Diet, Earache, Flu, Dizzy,

Nurse, Heart attack, Medicine, Bump,
Bandage, Cut, Hospital, Sore throat,

Runny nose, Cough syrup, Measles, Sickness,
Pregnant, Plaster, Stomachache, Toothache,

Pills, Sunburn, Syringe, Thermometer,
Wheelchair, Shivering, Prescription, X-ray.

Print the cards in color and use them at your English classes with children or ESL students.

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  1. These flashcards are brilliant. I use them a lot when teaching English. However, some are 8 to a page and are too small for some purposes. Is it possible to print them 4 to a page? Could there be a choice of size as there is with the DIY flashcards? Thanks. Julie

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