30 Classroom Language Flashcards

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Once you’ve learned all school objects using flashcards, it’s time to speak about the rules you should comply with at school.

It’s easy: don’t be late. be quiet, and do what the teacher says. The commands may be all the different: read, count, sing, sit down, speak, etc.

Learn the classroom vocabulary with our ready colorful flashcards. The contain the following rules and phrases:

  • Say ”Hello!”
  • Write
  • Look at the board
  • Count
  • Draw
  • Listen
  • Read
  • Raise a hand
  • Answer the question
  • Come in
  • Open the book
  • Close the book
  • Show
  • Pay attention
  • Stand up
  • Sit down
  • Think
  • Come here!
  • I don’t understand
  • Clean the board
  • May go out?
  • Do homework
  • Point
  • Sing
  • Work in pairs
  • How to say that in English?
  • Help each other
  • Don’t be late!
  • Be quiet!
  • Speak

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