40 Flashcards of Birds

birds flashcards

Download Birds Flashcards here >>>

You will find the pictures of the following birds in this PDF:

blue tit, crow, dove, parrot,
owl, duck, eagle, pigeon,

cuckoo, cockatoo, albatros, canary,
cock, bullfinch, crane, goose,

chaffinch, condor, emu, flamingo,
goldcrest, hummingbird, kite, goldfinch,

kingfisher, kiwi, peacock, magpie,
mynah, nightingale, pelican, ostrich,

quail, robin, seagull, sparrow,
swan, turkey, swallow, woodpecker.

Save the PDF file to your PC, print the cards on the color inkjet printer and use them to learn bird titles with your kids or ESL students.

Watch the video below to train your knowledge of bird titles in English:

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