40 Flashcards of Clothes

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The file contains flashcards of the following clothing items:

T-shirt, Dress, Shirt, Coat,
Sweater, Jeans, Raincoat, Skirt,

Tights, Blouse, Dressing gown, Swimsuit,
Jacket, Pants, Swim trunks, Tie,

Shoes, Gloves, Hat, Vest,
Shorts, Mittens, Cap, Socks,

Suit, Belt, Trainers, Underwear,
Trousers, Bra, Boots, Hoodie,

Heels, Slippers, Scarf, Sandals,
Pajamas, Tracksuit, Bag, Uniform.

To use the flashcrds in learning, you’ll need to download and print the file (better in color). Then cut the cards and enjoy our fancy games with flashcards to educate your kids.

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